Cheap Charlie's was first established by partnership of Charlie and His brother Satit

       with initial investment of only ten thousand baht in 1982. The Counter was acquired

       for free and Charlie starts beer at 20 baht a bottle.

       In the beginning animals such as hawk, squirrels,birds and even bats were kept to

       entertain the customers.Charlie gathers stuff form many provinces around Thailand,

       getting strange and curious things to decorate the bar.Customers also bring aftifacts

       from other countries for Charlie so the look of the bar keeps evovlving.

       Charlie gotten ill and passed away in 1997,leaving ownership of the bar solely to Satit.

       Satit starts to run and preserve the unique characteristic of the bar.

       1999,The Landlord upgraded the road in the soi,Cheap charlie's had to be torn down

       and close for 2 week. Satit solely rebuilt the bar not hiring any helps to preserve the

       identity and uniqueness of the bar. Since then,Satit continues to run the bar today without any hired help